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Once you install command line interface, you are ready to go!

$ npm -g install resh
$ resh echo Hello world!

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All your commands are run on real shell. Everything is allowed and supported.

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Run your favorite commands on windows box.

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Run your shell commands directly from your web app. Checkout our API

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RESH - REmote SHell in the cloud

Think of an unlimited collection of command line tools. Resh give you access to your favorite command line tools from anywhere. You can access powerful linux tools from MS Windows. No more teadious instalation process.

We have remote shell for everybody.

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Live demo

Give it a try and type whatever you like. Remember that each command is executed separately and have no effects on other commands.


$ echo Hello World!
$ uname -a
$ touch test; ls -la
$ echo -e "row1\nrow2\data22">input.txt;cat i*|grep 2